Tourist Information

The Kamakura Welcome Guide Association, inaugurated in 2008, brings together volunteer guides (54 guides in 8 languages) for foreign visitors, offering sightseeing tours every Friday without reservation and the services of a guide by reservation.


Visit Kamakura, website run by Kamakura City Tourist Association, for sightseeing information available in English, French, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and Korean.


Map in English (download available)


Japan Guide is a tourist information web site started in 1996 providing a wide range of travel guides covering 47 prefectures. They introduce Kamakura as "Small city full of historic treasures".


Top 5 Things to do in Kamakura  (No1.Great Buddha Daibutsu. No2. Hasedera temple. No3.Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. No4.Hiking Trails. No5.Hokokuji temple.) is a 7 mins video well presented with the narration.


Blogs of Matt Evans exploring six parts of the neighborhood of Kamakura. 



Other websites to find tourist information.


15 of the Best Photogenic Sightseeing Spots in Kamakura That You Have to Visit


20 Things to Do in Kamakura Through the Seasons


Best trails in Kamakura


Map of Kamakura Art & Culture

Recommended Walking Tours


Fun & personal guide of Kamakura by youtuber, Paolo


Enoshima has, from long ago, been an island steeped in legend, history, and faith.



Media & Guide book 


Articles about Kamakura by Sarah Hodge, travel and culture writer
who's areas of interest include Japanese cuisine, kimono, Zen Buddhism, Japanese gardens and pilgrimages (she has visited Koyasan, Kumano Kodo...)


Kamakura: A Historical Guide

The author, Francesco Baldessari, who has lived in Japan almost 40 years, will take you on a visit to 28 of his favorite temples and shrines. And the history, religions, traditional art and architecture explained differently.
[e-book 700 yen]



Kamakura and Enoshima

210 pages of English guidebook full of information from the history of warriors, zen culture, the practical visiting ideas to the interview of local people and community experience.

[e-book 1200 yen]