Idées Kamakura offers ideas for visitors to discover the city of Kamakura through “Human Tourism” by meeting people and having cultural experiences.
We are also offering ethical and vegan friendly culinary information to make the stay in Kamakura comfortable and pleasant.

Shojin style Cuisine

Mari Fujii is a specialist and author of many cook books about Shojin Ryori including the one in English, “Enlightened Kitchen : Fresh Vegetable Dishes from the Temples of Japan”. She gives special One day Shojin Style workshop to learn about the basics of Shojin Ryori from its history and variations of seasoning, to the practical method of cooking it. 

Cuisine & Communication

Miyo Sensei has a lot of experience in traditional Japanese cooking. She has cooked for many people at events and special occasions. She has taught as well as demonstrated the art of the Japanese tea ceremony for more than 30 years. 

She gives the workshop Vegetarian & vegan Japanese home cooking to prepare together with the participants.

Restaurant information

There are many types of restaurants that offer vegetarian and vegan cuisine in both traditional Japanese and international styles.

Tourist Information

10 sites recommandation to find tourist information and guidebooks about Kamakura.